Becoming Revit Pros

Revit pros is an online training & consulting firm.
Here to help you get the most out of Revit.

Architect Shelly Agam

A licensed practicing architect and Revit trainer.

With over 6 years experience working and training in Revit, offering a uniquely professional training program for architects, students and designers.

A digital nomad, working online while traveling the world. Learn more about the digital nomad architect here.

 My highest priority when founding Revit Pros was to provide a personal, patient and professional service. I aim to help other professionals who wish to reach the highest level of work with Revit.

Over the years the business grew and now includes 3 employees. We continues to provide consulting services to architects, engineers and designers.

We now offer online video courses, and a supportive online community in a Facebook group and forums. Our free written and video tutorials are one of the most popular in Israel. Currently most of our content is in Hebrew. But you are free to register to our mailing list above.


How we Can help

Revit Lessons

We are happy to offer online training with video calls to firms of 3 employees or more. The calls are held via Zoom with video and screen sharing. We can hear each other while I demonstrate on Revit in my own computer. We do not remotely control your screen. You will need headphones or speakers and a microphone, connected to your computer. A camera is not a must, but it’s always nice to be able to see each other and not just speak.

Contact us and we will send you a link to schedule a free introduction call.

File development

We can also provide file development of Revit family files as well as project files. If you need ready made furniture, title blocks or even a complete template file- don’t hesitate to contact us.

We can help you e create your exact specifications, so the file includes everything you need. Outsourcing your Revit family file development is a great way to save time, money and energy! Contact us below to get started.


*Please note, we do not create student final project files.


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