Private Revit Lesson

1 on 1 video lesson that will teach you how to Revit

  • A tailor made, focused lesson

  • Screen sharing talk from your office or home

  • Homework practice exercises

  • Email support after lesson

  • An experienced, patient tutor

Students say...

".. a very good teacher…great knowledge of Revit. Her remote teaching style worked great! The lessons were structured with learning objectives which she ensured were achieved.."

John Harris, McGarrigle architects

Q & A

What do we talk about in the intro talk?

On our first talk we will go over what you would like to learn. Then I can estimate how many lessons I would recommend.

Additionally, This talk will give you a chance to experience the way our lessons are held, And make sure our connection works well. That way we won't wast time on technical matters in our first lesson.

Do I need to prepare anything for our talk?

So we can connect and speak without delays, make sure you have speakers or headphones and a microphone connected to your computer.

The easiest and quickest way to reach our talk is through a Gmail account and a Google Chrome browser.

How much does a Revit lesson cost?

After our intro talk I will evaluate how many lesson I think you need, in order to cover all subjects you wish to learn. A one hour lesson costs 49, and there's a discounts for purchasing a pack of lessons. Students get an additional 15%!

What program do you use to have the video talk?

We connect using Google Hangouts Meet.

After scheduling our talk you'll get an invite by email with a link that'll take you directly to our talk.

No need to download or install anything.

What Happens after our intro talk?

After we've spoken and finelised what we'll be learning together, you can schedule our first lesson right here!

What if after our talk I've decided not to take a lesson with you?

That's OK! This way of learning isn't for everyone. You are not obligated to take a lesson after our intro talk.

About me

Hi! I'm Shelly Agam. An architect with a great passion for working with Revit.

I work in my private firm AgamDNA, and manage a blog, community and school under the RevitPros brand.

I've tought Revit in large croups and in design & architecture schools

And have come to realise there is a better way. That's how I started developing the 'RevitPros' brand, with the intention of making learning friendlier, more personal and at the highest level of professinalism. 

I have built this as a fully digital business, where all resources are right at your fingertips. I take advantage of this fact to travel the workd with my partner and our dog, as digital nomads.

After the intro talk

Already spoken with me? schedule your first lesson here:

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